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Timeless Statement Piece that will bring Joy to your outfit! They will put a smile on your face and a cheerful twinkle in your eyes.
A peace of jewellery to treasure for life.

Delicate and lightweight Bespoke White Porcelain Earrings with hand-painted 22k gold lustre details.

Handcrafted using Fine White Porcelain Clay.
Hand painted using a variety of coloured underglazes and hand brushed using gloss glazes for a glossy finishing look.
Hand painted details with real liquid gold lustre.

Fired in the kiln three times for bisque, glaze and gold lustre firing.

Securely affixed to Surgical Stainless Steel earrings back posts.
Nickel-free comfort clutches.

Each earring is made by hand therefore minor variations in the sizes can occurs. Colour may vary slightly from image on screen.

We embrace this organic finish as it adds character to your designs.


Please handle and store your earring with care. Ceramic jewellery may break if dropped specially over hard surfaces floors.
Store your pieces in the gift box provided and separately from other jewellery.
If your earrings becomes slightly dirty or greasy, from handling or makeup, please clean them with a soft cloth.

The ceramic glazed pieces are actually water proof, but if your earrings get wet make sure to pat dry specially its metal findings before wearing or storing them back again.

Ceramic jewellery can be a little delicate when handling, but with enough care, can have a good long life.