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Inspired by our love of wine, we upcycle empty wine bottles and turn them into luxurious candles.

We are an Australian family-owned business located in Brisbane. We don't have a bricks and mortar store, we are purely online. Just wife, husband, two dogs, a thousand wine bottles, and wax everywhere. We love it! Best of all, our home smells divine.

We cut our bottles using a wet saw with a diamond blade, then we use a custom made Flat Lap to polish the top. This process produces a smooth edge to ensure our candles’ quality is a high standard.

We use premium, natural soy wax without additives and Australian-crafted fragrances to make our luxurious candles. We’re sure you’ll love the delightful scent and creamy finish of our hand-poured candles which we make in small batches to ensure our attention to detail on each and every one.